Courses and trainings provided by certified trainers with big practical experience in them professions.

I need it as name and picture too about the training topic with space to write some information about the course and link for contact us.

Consultation & Solutions


We provide solutions to keep all species of plants and animals on the planet, their genetic differences, and the ecosystems they form.where in the world this richness is concentrated, and we try to help preserve it.


Environmental sustainability is important to preserve resources like clean air, water and wildlife for future generations.


We provide unique ideas and technical talents and experts to develop your organization and work space.


We are working on combining the AI solutions with environment.

Food catering

(Hamwi): is a professional full service catering & event company. We are dedicated to innovative, environmentally-friendly, fresh, healthy and most of all, delicious flavours of the culinary world and Syrian kitchen! We have over 42 years of combined kitchen and catering experience.


Design & Branding: our talented newcomers to provide trustable and creative services starting from design and not ending at all with branding your business to discover more knock the door.


Different activity’s suits all the ages. Keep your eyes on our news.