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Wafy Story

Since 2015 a large number of newcomers from different cultural backgrounds entered Netherlands looking for new chances to start new life, better education or safe home running away from crises such as wars, famine and persecution, that created load and challenges. I noticed as one of the newcomers some of these problems and challenges. I’ll focus on two of them:

  1. The lack of interactive integration system because it’s built on Dutch vision only and that creates misunderstanding from both sides in this formula.
  2. Needs for good training and information for big segment from the newcomers to involve them in the new community by preparing them to find a job.

Wafy project tries to approach the matter with some of trustable solutions, such as Interactive training solutions, in addition to many suggestions and that what you’ll discover with us in soon future.

Our logo represent a new community

Wafy builds a bridge between the Eastern communities which are famous for different kinds of Roses, and the Western ones which are famous for their different kinds of wild Berries.


Arriving in NL

After fleeing away from the wars and hunger crisis zones.

Interviews & decisions

Struggle in remembering the painful past situations and stress from the comings.

Integration journey

Language barriers and starting adapting the society.

Dutch citizen

Feeling of belonging and interest in life and family.

Starting procedure

Scared from unknown future.

Municipality & home 

Starting feeling safe.

Permanent statement

Stability and clarity of the future and work.

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