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3 Training days


Personal Development


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  • Yourself
  • Please be on time, so you can enjoy our company and get to know each other before we start. We are looking forward to meeting you there, and we want to know you before we start.
  • Make sure you print out the workbook you get through email right before the training starts.
  • Pen and paper.
  • Make sure you have good internet connection and you get logged in on the link you are going to receive through your email.
  • Keep your phone away and silent please.
  • Finally bring your Smile:)
About This Class

Feel like you are ready to start working, but have no idea where to start?

You miss work?

miss being part of a group of people that do what they love and be part of a community other than your home?

Do you want to feel free again?

Own your money and be proud of yourself again?

Then you are in the right place! Along 3 days of training you will learn about yourself, discover who you are, what you can do and how todo it well, what do you want in terms of work and life, and where to start!